who we are

Made its debut in 2013, ONELINEDRAWING’s first mission is to create the new way of life / enjoyment, not limiting to the sense of beauty and the self expression method. Our core mission is not to make the trend (fashion). This can be thought as abstracting fashion. Not being bound by a particular method, we have multiple lines to express fashion broadly and freely. Our secondary mission is to secure the sustainability of the production site. We work in production together with the production region in order to utilize and protect the particular technique.


In 2014, we had an installation to speak the view point against “emotion” and “consumption” at TM COMME des GARCONS (in Omotesando, Paris and New York) as well as GOTO FLORIST (in Roppongi). In 2015, we opened a cultural enlightenment type members-only shop in Minami- Aoyama. At ONELINEDRAWING, we do not limit our expressions to our creations, but we have messages for society in all of our works, including the space, the way to show and the way to sell.


2013年デビュー。ONELINEDRAWINGは、流行(fashion)を作る事ではなく、新たな美感や自己表現手段のみならず生き方/楽しみ方を創造する事を第一の目的にしています。その行為はfashionの抽象化 といえます。私達は手段に捕われずに深く、広く自由にfashionを表現する為にいくつかのラインを有しています。第二の目的は、物作りの現場のサスティナビリティーを担保する事であり、固有の技術を活かし守るために、産地と共同で、ものづくりに取り組んでいます。


2014年にTM COMME des GARCONS(表参道,paris,NY)やGOTO FLORIST(六本木)、2017年に日本橋三越中央ホールで「感性」や「消費」に対しての視点を訴えるインスタレーションを行い、2015年に南青山に文化啓蒙型の期間限定会員制ショップをオープンしたように、ONELINEDRAWINGの表現は、作品だけでなく、空間や見せ方や売り方含めた事業活動全てに社会に向けたメッセージが込められています。

what we do

ONELINEDRAWING has a design laboratory and creative consulting service specializing in  art direction, design,graphic and re-branding. 


designer's profile


Graduated from Keio University / Bunka Fashion College. Sets up for himself after experiences of planning and designing for a collection brand. Established ONLINEDRAWING, the maison to create works with the subject of fashion, in 2013.






debut collection "time"


"installation of using ONELINEDRAWING artworks by COMME des GARCONS"at COMME des GARCONS Paris, NY & Omotesando

"between the eternal & moment" at goto florist Roppongi

ONELINEDRAWING cultural studies project


atelier mirror (boutique, museum, atelier) at Minami Aoyama


alflex MARENCO for private modern art museum of art collector’s Mr.X


"shape of personality" at NIHONBASHI MITSUKOSHI center hall of important cultural properties

"cultural happening" art performance with m(W)w at NIHONBASHI MITSUKOSHI CENTER HALL of important cultural properties

"shape of body" at SPIRAL MARKET -MINATO-



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